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It was Saturday, I woke up late as I was supposed to because it's a holiday for me, I planned to meet with a colleague to have lunch after work, Yeah I was not working. So I went to my workplace to meet a colleague. We both went out for lunch at Saravana Bhavan and Had a good conversation while having lunch. 

I visited Saravana Bhavan numerous times surprisingly for the first time I have seen an abandoned building in front of the middle of Chennai actually a few meters away from the marina beach. Excitingly I asked my colleague about the building, I got an answer very casually this is the building I was talking about before there was a controversy that happened while doing the shoot.

Yes, I remember now with all the enthusiasm from nowhere I decided to shoot the place, yeah I was carrying a camera before I left the room.  I and my colleague talked about our evening plan (This is about my next blog shoot stay tuned to see it soon) and rush into the building to begin the shoot. In my subconscious Memory. I was always in love with the old architectural building, Chennai was the colony of Britishers there are many such buildings in Chennai that are built and used by Britishers.  I'm guessing this was one of them.

The building is so beautiful, you get to see the texture of the wall. poetic silence made me stay a little more.

I'm not giving any info about this place because there was little controversy where the building is surrounded by a school so no info guys. By seeing pictures if can find out, you can.

I use only a 50mm Lens you get to see more of a vertical shot. 

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