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Day of Ashurah

Day of Ashurah, the procession of Muharram happens on which Husayn ibn Ali was martyred in the Battle of Karbala.  the Procession goes along the followers do self-flagellation with chains, Chest Beating, and forehead cutting. Shia Muslims mourn for the martyrs of Husayn ibn Ali in Karbala. while Sunni Muslims fast on this day and a New Year as per the Islamic Calendar, Sufi Muslims fast for the same reason as the Sunnis. The word Muharram means forbidden or prohibited. Before Islam, it is said that this month was called Safer ul Awwal. War is banned this month. Muharram is a month of remembrance. Ashura, which means the "Tenth" in Arabic, refers to the tenth day of Muharram. It is well known because of its historical significance and mourning for the Shahadat (martyrdom) of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad. Muslims begin mourning from the first night of Muharram and continue for ten nights, on the 10th of Muharram, known as the Day of Ashura. The last few days up until and including the Day of Ashura is the most important because these were the days on which Hussain and his family and followers were deprived of water from the 7th onward on the 10th, Husayn and 72 of his followers were killed by the army of Yazid I at the Battle of Karbala on Yazid's orders. The surviving members of Husayn's family and those of his followers were taken captive, marched to Damascus, and imprisoned there.

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