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Lucy 2014 Full Movie Download In Hindi ^HOT^

On 2 April 2014 the first trailer for Lucy was released.[37] It was described as having "hit the Internet with the force of a punch to the head,"[38] with reviewers stating that it is "promis[in]g a wild ride with Johansson rendering people unconscious with a flick of her wrist,"[39] "awesome" as "the girl who was once exploited becomes very, very dangerous,"[40] and "wonderfully insane as Johansson goes from a drug mule at the mercy of her captors to a superhuman with remarkable control over her body and a diminishing capacity for mercy."[41] James Luxford of The Guardian described a common theme evident in the trailer that has run through Johansson's past three films: characters who "evolve, mutate or vanish altogether".[42] After the film premiered, however, its trailers were categorized as being starkly different from how the film actually plays out; for example, the film not being as action-packed.[43] A behind-the-scenes preview of the film was released on July 10.[44]

lucy 2014 full movie download in hindi


In his 2014 book titled Great Myths of the Brain, Christian Jarrett quotes directly from the film poster, dismissing it and the film's portrayal of the potential for "mastering all knowledge and hurling cars with her mind" as being fully speculative fiction.[45]

Among U.S. reviews, Christopher Orr of The Atlantic reviewed it through the list of 26 points, in an article published in The Atlantic under title "The Dumbest Movie Ever Made About Brain Capacity". Orr begins with describing it as "mind-bendingly miscalculated sci-fi vehicle for Scarlett Johansson" whom he sees as "moderately charismatic", and film's 89 minutes length as "mercifully brief", although noting that "quantity of inanity" squeezed into this screen time "beggars that of awful movies of substantially greater length". He ultimately explains his choice of review format through points by calling the film "so idiotic that the only way to properly convey its flaws is to enumerate them".[66] Justin Chang of Variety called Lucy "a slickly engineered showcase for a kickass heroine whom we instinctively, unhesitatingly root for" and an enjoyable, "agreeably goofy, high-concept" speculative narrative devoid of self-importance because "it pays deft, knowing homage to any number of Hollywood sci-fi head-trip classics, embedding its ideas in a dense labyrinth of cinematic references that somehow end up feeling sly rather than shopworn."[67] Jordan Hoffman of The Guardian called the film "mindless and mixed up, but propulsive and fun" and added that "Scarlett Johansson shines in this pseudo-intellectual action flick that represents Luc Besson's finest work" since the film The Fifth Element; he gave Lucy 3/5 stars,[68] while IGN's Jim Vejvoda rated the film a 7.2 and said "this movie is all about Johansson, who's in almost every scene. She ably plays the title character as she transforms from average person to omnipotent entity" and "ultimately, more of Lucy works than doesn't. It's a fun movie even if its 'science' more than strains suspension of disbelief. It's a credit to Besson's style and Johansson's performance that Lucy isn't a train wreck."[69] The San Francisco Chronicle's Mick LaSalle said, "You can scoff at Besson's philosophies and hypotheses, but to do that would miss what's in front of you. Lucy is an impeccably realized vision of Besson's view of things."[70]

Lucy has been compared to various films; common examples include Akira,[77][78] 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, The Tree of Life, Transcendence, and especially Limitless.[8][67][71][73] Chang said, "Lucy's gradual rise to omniscience and omnipotence recalls Neo's own such journey in The Matrix, while her many black-suited Korean opponents suggest another army of Agent Smiths," and added that, when Lucy "uploads herself, Big Brother-style, to every computer and TV screen in the vicinity," the film suggests "a livelier, less ponderous remake" of Transcendence.[67] Hoffman said, "The end of the movie goes completely off the rails, but in a way that is charming in its stupidity. It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey for those with short attention spans, and those people need to have their minds blown, too, I suppose."[68] Matt Prigge of Metro New York, while calling the film "stupid, smart and awesome," stated that it "smartly goes in a wildly different direction than the amusingly amoral Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper's character abused a similar drug, but used it to gain success, money and power. He was selfish. Lucy is selfless." Prigge added, "If Lucy is Limitless, it's Limitless with more than a dash of The Tree of Life, and even a bit" of the film Under the Skin, which also stars Johansson.[73] Burr commented that "where a fully juiced cerebellum just made Cooper's character really, really capable, Lucy undergoes a metaphysical makeover that, by the film's midpoint, has started to rearrange time, space, and her body."[75] Comparing Lucy's powers to characters Professor X, The Doctor, Dr. Manhattan, Galactus, God from Bruce Almighty, Scarlet Witch, and Tetsuo from Akira,'s Jordan Smith stated that "Lucy may be the most powerful film character ever created," but indicated that Tetsuo's powers might match hers.[79]

Hollywood journalist Nikki Finke reported in a July 2014 post on her film industry blog that: "In August, a Lucy graphic novel will be released online with four chapters appearing every other day for one week."[80] The first chapter of the semi-animated graphic novel was published on the international version of the movie's official website and features the same story material as seen in trailers with picture elements that move as scrolling takes place.[81] 350c69d7ab


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