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Aurangzeb Movie Torrent

Aurangzeb Movie Torrent: A Thrilling and Action-Packed Bollywood Film

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of Aurangzeb, a 2013 Hindi-language action thriller film written and directed by Atul Sabharwal. The film features an ensemble cast of Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Arjun Kapoor, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amrita Singh, and Sashaa Agha in pivotal roles, while Sikander Kher, Kavi Shastri and Swara Bhaskar play supporting characters. The film is produced and distributed by Aditya Chopra under his studio Yash Raj Films. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it managed to do well in overseas markets. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Aurangzeb movie torrent, including what the film is about, where to find it, how to download it safely, and why you should watch it.

Aurangzeb Movie Torrent

What is Aurangzeb movie about?

Aurangzeb movie is a story of two families: one of policemen and one of gangsters. The film is set in the town of Gurgaon, an industrial city near Delhi. The film is narrated by ACP Arya Phogat (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a police officer who has been brought up by his uncle, DCP Ravikant Phogat (Rishi Kapoor). His father, police inspector Vijaykant Phogat (Anupam Kher), had lost interest in life years back, after failing to bring down Yashvardhan Singh (Jackie Shroff), a notorious crime lord, due to lack of evidence against him. Yashvardhan's wife, Veera (Tanvi Azmi), had become a police informer against her own husband and had to run away from him with one of her twin children Vishal (Arjun Kapoor) while Ajay is left with Yashvardhan. Vijaykant hides Vishal and Veera whom he has begun to love and passes it off as a botched encounter for which he takes the entire blame. Suspended from the police force, Vijaykant has a tough time over the years, caught between the love for his real family and son ACP Arya, and his adopted wife and son.

Years later, just before he dies, he reveals to Arya that he has another wife and kid but doesn't reveal their real identity. Vijaykant dies a few days later, and Arya goes to meet Veera. There he is shocked to see Vishal, who is the exact replica of Ajay (Arjun Kapoor), and there is a revelation that both lookalikes are actually twins . Ravikant, who is corrupt to the core, hatches a plot to expose the criminal activities of Yashvardhan, a mission left incomplete by his brother Vijaykant. He joins forces with nephew Arya and convinces Vishal to enter Yashvardhan's house, posing as Ajay. To facilitate matters, Ajay is kidnapped by Ravikant and Arya and held captive by them, paving the way for Vishal to take his place and leak information about Yashvardhan's illegal activities to the police.

The film is full of twists and turns as Vishal struggles to maintain his cover as Ajay while dealing with his father's enemies and allies. He also develops feelings for Ritu (Sashaa Agha), Ajay's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ajay tries to escape from his captors and expose their plan. The film culminates in a climactic showdown between the two families where secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested.

Where can I find Aurangzeb movie torrent?

If you want to watch Aurangzeb movie online or offline, you can find it on various torrent sites. Torrent sites are platforms that allow users to share files over the internet using peer-to-peer technology. Users can download files such as movies , music , games , software , etc . , from other users who have already downloaded them . However , torrent sites are not legal or safe sources of content as they often violate copyright laws and expose users to malware and viruses .

Some of the popular torrent sites where you can find Aurangzeb movie torrent are:

  • The Pirate Bay: This is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites in the world . It has millions of torrents in various categories such as movies , TV shows , music , games , etc . You can search for Aurangzeb movie torrent by typing its name in the search bar or browsing through the categories .

  • 1337x: This is another popular torrent site that has a large collection of torrents in various genres . It has a user-friendly interface and a dedicated section for Bollywood movies . You can find Aurangzeb movie torrent by searching for its name or browsing through the Bollywood section .

  • Torrentz2: This is a meta-search engine that aggregates torrents from various sources . It does not host any torrents itself but provides links to other torrent sites where you can download them . You can find Aurangzeb movie torrent by searching for its name on Torrentz2 .

These are some of the torrent sites where you can find Aurangzeb movie torrent . However , we do not recommend using these sites as they are illegal and unsafe .

How to download Aurangzeb movie torrent safely?

If you still want to download Aurangzeb movie torrent from torrent sites despite the risks involved , you need to take some precautions to protect yourself from legal and security issues . Here are some tips on how to download Aurangzeb movie torrent safely :

  • Use a VPN: A VPN or a virtual private network is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address from prying eyes . This way you can access torrent sites without being tracked by your ISP or authorities . A VPN also helps you bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked sites in your region .

  • Use an antivirus: An antivirus or an anti-malware software is a program that scans your device for any malicious files or programs that can harm your system or data . It also protects you from phishing attacks and ransomware threats . You should always use an antivirus when downloading torrents as they may contain viruses or malware that can infect your device .

  • Use a trusted torrent client: A torrent client or a torrent downloader is a software that enables you to download torrents from torrent sites . It also helps you manage your downloads and uploads efficiently . You should use a trusted torrent client that has good reviews and ratings from users and experts . Some of the popular torrent clients are uTorrent , BitTorrent , qBittorrent , etc .

  • Use magnet links: Magnet links are alternative ways of downloading torrents without using .torrent files . They are simple URLs that contain information about the torrent such as its name , size , hash , etc . They also connect you directly to other peers who have the same torrent without relying on any trackers . Magnet links are safer than .torrent files as they do not require you to download any additional files that may contain malware or viruses.

These are some of the tips on how to download Aurangzeb movie torrent safely from torrent sites . However , we do not endorse piracy or illegal downloading of content . We advise

What are the critics and audiences saying about Aurangzeb movie?

Aurangzeb movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the film for its engaging plot, impressive cast, and action-packed direction, while others criticized it for its convoluted script, lack of originality, and weak climax. The film has a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb , based on 4,402 user ratings. The film also has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on Times of India , based on 42 user reviews and 14 critic reviews. The film won one IIFA Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role (Rishi Kapoor) and was nominated for four other categories.

Some of the positive reviews of the film are:

"Aurangzeb boasts of a well-paced story and is a new take on family rivalry. The movie promises you some genuine thrills, surprises and some really powerful scenes." - FilmiBeat

"Aurangzeb is a well-made thriller that keeps you hooked till the end. It has an engaging plot, an impressive cast, and an action-packed direction. It also explores themes such as family, loyalty, betrayal, power, corruption, etc. in an interesting way." - Bollywood Hungama

"Aurangzeb is a gripping tale of deception, betrayal and revenge. It has a complex and intriguing plot that keeps you guessing till the end. It also has a stellar cast that delivers superb performances. Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Arjun Kapoor and Prithviraj Sukumaran are the highlights of the film." - Rediff

Some of the negative reviews of the film are:

"Aurangzeb is a half-baked movie that tries to be a smart thriller but ends up being a dull drama. It has a convoluted script that borrows heavily from old Bollywood classics and Hollywood cop capers. It also has a weak climax that fails to tie up the loose ends." - NDTV

"Aurangzeb is a disappointing film that wastes its potential and talent. It has a confusing and cliched plot that lacks originality and logic. It also has a poor execution that makes it boring and tedious to watch. The film fails to engage or entertain the audience." - Hindustan Times

"Aurangzeb is a mediocre film that does not live up to its expectations. It has a predictable and uninspiring plot that offers nothing new or exciting. It also has a lackluster direction that makes it dull and slow-paced. The film does not do justice to its cast or its genre." - DNA

How did Aurangzeb movie perform at the box office?

Aurangzeb movie was not a commercial success at the domestic box office. The film had a budget of 36 crore and collected only 18.10 crore in India, making it a flop. The film opened with 3.75 crore on its first day and witnessed a slight growth over the weekend, but dropped significantly on weekdays. The film faced competition from other releases such as Go Goa Gone , Shootout at Wadala , and Bombay Talkies . The film also failed to attract the multiplex audience, who preferred the other options.

However, Aurangzeb movie did better in the overseas markets, where it collected 18.40 crore, making its worldwide total 36.50 crore. The film performed well in countries such as UAE , UK , USA , and Australia , where it received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film also benefited from the presence of popular actors such as Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, and Prithviraj Sukumaran, who have a fan following in these regions.

Overall, Aurangzeb movie was a decent attempt at making a gritty and realistic thriller, but it failed to impress the Indian audience, who expected more from a Yash Raj Films production. The film could not recover its cost and was declared a flop at the domestic box office.


Aurangzeb movie is a 2013 Hindi-language action thriller film that revolves around the theme of kingship and kinship. The film tells the story of two families: one of policemen and one of gangsters, who are involved in a game of deception, betrayal, and revenge. The film has a complex and intriguing plot, an impressive cast, and an action-packed direction. However, the film also has a convoluted script, a lack of originality, and a weak climax. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences and was a flop at the domestic box office. However, the film did well in the overseas markets and was appreciated by some viewers. Aurangzeb movie is a film that you can watch if you are looking for a thrilling and realistic Bollywood film, but do not expect too much from it. d282676c82


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