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Vasu Gopu

Vasu Gopu, a commercial photographer, entrepreneur, and educator, currently resides in Hyderabad, bringing over 11 years of expertise to the dynamic world of photography. His portfolio spans both personal and commercial works, showcasing a versatile and creative approach.

In addition to his thriving career behind the lens, Vasu Gopu is deeply involved in photography education. He imparts his knowledge in various establishments and institutions, offering workshops and photo walks that aim to inspire and elevate the skills of aspiring photographers.

Vasu Gopu's impressive commercial ventures include collaborations with transnational organizations such as Amazon, Flipkart, Fashionara, and Aditya Birla. His keen eye and innovative techniques have contributed to the success of these projects, leaving a lasting impact on the commercial photography landscape.

Passionate about fostering a stronger and more aesthetically refined photography industry, Vasu Gopu has taken a significant step by launching This website serves as a valuable platform for photographers to showcase their work and share insightful articles on photography, reflecting his commitment to knowledge sharing and community building within the photography realm.

Founder of Opalaura Studio (Wedding Photography Company) & Stylnova (Clothing Brand)

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